Mini Feature: GoPro NoGo: How to not be a HERO

So I had this great idea;

A single take GoPro video; running 10km through Chiang Mai, leaving town and ascending up a mountain for another 2-5km to a lookout point over Chiang Mai and then finally launching my Phantom off the mountain using the same GoPro and landing it all in a single video.

Awesome, let’s do it!

Everything went off without a hitch and the flight went fantastically. I returned to the Hostel with a smile…everything went perfect or so I thought.  Later that night in my Hostel bunk I opened up the first video and pictures, ready to tell myself how awesome I was and then I saw this…

16694094021_d474a22044_k 16075447683_ebf3aeb7dd_k 16694071681_fbceea5b23_k


After the run while I was attaching the GoPro to the Phantom a giant ball of sweat had fallen off my stupid head onto the lens of the GoPro. Photos ruined, footage, double ruined.

Bottom line, check that your GoPro lens is clean before you do something stupid, hard or unrepeatable and hopefully this will prevent me from loosing any actually valuable footage in my further travels this year.





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