Mini Feature: Hitting the Wall

I was sorting through my second batch of FUJIFIM  X100T shots yesterday and came across four very similar but still importantly, different pictures. Which one to choose?

Shot 1;


Nice effect but nothing special, also the image lacks any real direction in its composition.


Shot 2:


Two British backpackers walk into frame, camera settings stay the same but I slightly recompose the shot and notice the texture of the bricks at shoulder height leads your focus to the activity they bring to the shot.



Shot 3;


Increase (I say increase but at this focal length…) dof and focus a bit further in to modify the wall leading to the backpackers effect and keeping in line with their increased distance from me. I am reasonably happy with this.


Shot 4;


Shifted perspective slightly and focused for a sharp dof affect on the wall, not happy with the result (even though I do love the sharpness of the bricks and sudden falloff), but hey you never know if you never try?



All up, none of these are masterpieces but I think the second one is the best of the lot! What do you think?








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