This and that; another panorama breakdown.

From this to this

I haven’t slept properly in two days so what better time to start a panorama breakdown.

The most recent images were all great learning experiences but when I went to go to the mindset and act of just posting them…it felt quite empty and I feel that going through the creative approach to creating one of these “masterpieces” would not only be more of interesting but would also give great context to the final images I have put up.

First up;

Untitled_Panorama1 orig

Here is the original…this one actually stitched together quite well with little adjustment needed to align the five separate images together and there were only a few gaps that needed plugging around the edges.

The first thing I wanted to fix was the dark for ground so I created a layer mask around basically all the dark areas in the bottom 35% or so of the image, duplicated it as a new layer and the applied the screen filter.

I also increased the yellows and reds saturation and also bought the vibrancy up a little bit. I found that bringing out the blues and purples had the side affect of darkening the foreground of the left hand side of the image so I did bring the values back in a bit after initially increasing those as well


Untitled_Panorama1 2

Untitled_Panorama1 4 var 2

The major problem still existed though, the vanishing point was still mostly non existent and nothing drew you to the middle of the picture despite the red artwork (that was still rather dull) and a few other lighting adjustments I cannot be bothered to reverse engineer right now and an increase of the saturation. Actually the overall image sans the buildings and the skyline was still rather dull. For me all of these killed about 80% of the image and after some reading and learning I decided three things needed to be done to fix this;

-Crop to adjust perspective
-Perspective adjust/skew to change perspective
-Lighten middle of the image and certain elements to draw focus towards vanishing point after perspective changes.

Untitled_Panorama1 4 var 2 5 crop

Changing perspective took a bit of fussing as it decreased the overall size and scope of the picture. I tried two minor variations of the perspective shift and settled on the one above as I liked where it pulled your focus. I then adjusted towards the middle of the image a bit more bit by cropping to remove a big piece of the left hand side of the image.

Despite this work I still felt there was not enough pull towards the middle of the image and the richness of the red artwork (???) in the middle was not conveyed properly. Next step was to create an overlay, and use a white brush on the areas I wanted to increase visibility and to assist the centre of the image.

And done.Untitled_Panorama1 4 var 2 6 crop for web test

Here is the original

Untitled_Panorama1 orig



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